Collectively the FrameRiver team has been involved with over 200 projects during the past thirty years.

We've supervised post production and visual effects on
blockbuster movies, independent films, episodic television, MOW's, acclaimed documentaries and have managed the finishing and delivery of hundreds of hours of popular cinema and television.

And everything in between. 

And have been privileged to have worked with these talented Producers, Directors, Composers, Cinematographers, Editors, and Sound Professionals:

Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Robert Zemeckis, Martin Scorsese, Ivan Reitman, Michael Kahn, Rachel Talalay, John Cohen, Catherine Winder, Andrew Nichols, Roger Deakins, Neill Blomkamp, Andy Nelson, Allen Daviau, John Williams, Mimi Leder, Joe Dante, Simon Kinberg, Lee Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Paul Massey, Jay Roach, James Horner, Brad Bird, Todd Haynes, Mike Finnell, Chuck Campbell, John Debney, Kevin O'Connell, Jan DeBont, Ian Bryce, Stephen Flick, Kathleen Kennedy, Miguel Arteta, Steven Soderberg, Arthur Schmidt, George Clooney, Jeff Groth, Beau Flynn, Peter Bogdanovich, Richard King, Elmer Bernstein, Michael Minkler, Alan Silvestri, Shane Black, William Goldenberg, Colin Wilson, Mark Mangini, James Cameron, Julian Clarke, Larry Charles, Miranda July, Alexandre Desplat, Mark Goldblatt, James Whitaker, John Wright, Hans Zimmer, Gil Netter, Ed Lachman, Paul Huntsman, Kevin Tent, Gore Verbinski, Gina Davis, Barry Malkin, Bruce Cohen, Pietro Scalia, James Moll, Dean Cundey, Craig Berkey, Christopher Guest, Monica Levinson, Harry Keramidas, JF Lawton, Debra Hill, Matthew Robbins, Robert Gale and many others.

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